Finding Your Life Purpose

Many people have doubts about their lives. Some even have doubts about God and other things they do each day. That is because they don’t know their purpose in life and what life purpose is all about. And for that reason, most people tend to feel that they are lost. That is why it is … Read more

Accept And Change

Are you surrounded by negative thoughts all day long? I can’t change. My life is sh*t. I can’t do this any longer. Why me? If you spend your life believing negative things and saying negative things, expect your life to be bad. Rather than staying in the negative zone, accept who you are at this … Read more

Pleasures And Pains Make Life Beautiful

In this busy world today, we are always in a hurry. We are always competing with each other and it in the process, it is definite that one will win and the other will lose. When we achieve something or wins, we get a feeling of highness, whereas when we lose, we become pessimistic. It … Read more