"Wait a minute... You mean MY WEALTH was DECIDED when I was 7 years old...?"

That was my first thought when I watched Dr. Bruce Lipton's interview in 2018.

I remember his words clearly:

"95% of our lives come from the programs of life
that we get in the first seven years growing up.
That's why poor people stay poor
and rich people stay rich."

What Dr. Lipton means is that your mind is constantly sabotaging your efforts to get rich.

So... Instead of trying to get more money through external means... Start focusing on overwriting the money program in your mind.

That was what I did, and once I changed my money program, money started flowing to me in all directions.

In fact, my life became so prosperous... I was surprised that it was actually that simple.

Today, I'm letting the cat out of the bag.

You have a chance to enroll in "The Prosperous Mind."

The Prosperous Mind (TPM) is a 6-day program delivered daily to your inbox.

I've specially designed TPM to expose the TRUTH about why money is not flowing in your life...

...And how you can overwrite your existing money program to generate MORE wealth than you can imagine.

That said, this isn't for everybody.

TPM is only for people who are OPEN to new scientific methods of money programming.

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